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MBAV Social Media Challenge: Week 7 - Favorite Scene

My favorite scene is this one. It’s cause, BETHAN! The directors just did this on purpose. They ship it too much. I mean, they’ve been putting Bethan scenes through this episode. 

Another reason is, look at Ross! I mean, he sees Ethan saying those things, assumes he’s gay, but instead of reacting negatively, he’s like, “Hey, I bet you’d like going to the hockey game with Benny.” Honestly, I love him more because of his support. 

And, if you see in the last gif, Matthew’s smiling. He’s enjoying this too much. ;)

So embarrassing, but I discovered another typo in the last gif. Forgive me. (This is teaching me a lesson to read the captions. Gosh!)

hey everyone! i know i haven’t done last weeks social media challenge yet and it’s because photoshop was glitching. i just uninstalled & reinstalled it tonight so i should have last week and this weeks done by friday night.


MBAV Social Media Challenge: Week 6 - Favorite Quote

Sorry the quality stinks. The video that I had itself wasn’t very good, so… yeah.

I just like this cause, I mean, who doesn’t like Benny’s stupidity? And… I love how genius this line is (the whole show is genius).

#MBAVChallenge →Week 5/8 Favorite Season 2 Episode

Independence Daze is my favorite episode, I liked how it was funny and also serious at the same time. My favorite parts of Ethan, Sarah, and Benny’s story line was how Ethan was wearing Benny’s gym shorts on his head, Sarah killing evil!Sarah, and Benny and Ethan using logic against cyberdontist.  My favorite parts of Rory and Erica’s story line was how Rory didn’t put up with her bullying and how Erica actually hung out with him. I also liked the fact that all 5 of them had to work together. (Even though Grandma Weir only said Ethan, Sarah, & Benny were the team.)


MBAV Social Media Challenge: Week 5 - Favorite S2 Episode

My favorite episode is Independence Daze.

Reason 1: I liked seeing the characters’ fears, and I also liked getting to know them. I mean, Ethan is afraid of being alone. (Though I did a gif about Stern instead,) Benny, afraid of Cyberdontist. I don’t blame him. I mean, the thing is a dentist, too. And Sarah is afraid of becoming bad or evil. And I respect her for that, even though some people complain about her being not kind the second season. This fear reveals that at least, she has a conscience about herself.

Reason 2: The food! I also would’ve done the donut thing, but I wanted to do 9 gifs so badly for some reason. Anyway, I mostly loved it when Rory was offering Erica the taco. XD I love him.

Reason 3: The randomness. I mean, vampire sasquatch, Erica holding it and yelling, Ethan in the office, doing whatever shenanigans he doesn’t do in front of people. 


MBAV Social Media Challenge: Week 4 - Favorite Season 1 Episode

I love this episode obviously ‘cause of Evil!Benny. Well, mostly. But there’s also by hubbie’s snort laugh. And then Rory… when does he ever fail to make us laugh? And then their yearbook idea. XDpoon

#MBAVChallenge →Week 4/8 Favorite Season 1 Episode

Three Cheers for Evil is my favorite episode from season 1. It was hysterical plus the fact that most of the cheer squad and Rory believed that they were actually girls made it even funnier.


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Speaking of social media challenges, lol. Hope this hasn’t been done to death already… click on each image for ~commentary~ :P


Sorry the Disney logo is a bit shown, but Matthew’s short, and I can’t cut his face out. (He’s too adorable.)

So, since it’s week 3 for the MBAV challenge, here’s my favorite movie scene. Mostly cause of their faces… and Benny’s reaction. XD 

#MBAVChallenge →Week 3/8 Favorite Movie Moment

This is definitely my favorite part of the movie, Ethan and Benny’s screaming and running away was hilarious.

#MBAVChallenge →Week 2/8 Favorite Season

My favorite season is season 2 because of all the funny moments, character growth, and the (literally) explosive season finale.


It’s the MBAV social media challenge week 2. I’m kind of… not early, but tada! My favorite season is season 2. Why?

Well, Ethan’s so blinded by Sarah he doesn’t notice Benny’s there to be there for him (somehow, I like that). And how could we forget Pranksy? And the costumes. Haha. I loved this. Plus, I mean, Rory… he always makes us laugh.