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Zap2It says Disney Channel will be airing only 2 episodes in August, and they are spaced out:

  • “Mirror/rorriM” (August 10th)
Summary from ReFresh BlogWhen Whitechapel High first put on a production of The Rainbow Factory, the star was tragically crushed on stage in a prank gone wrong. Twenty-five years later, the play is back, and Ethan and the gang have to handle a ghost with a thirst for revenge.
  • “Village of the Darned” (August 26th)
I really don’t understand why Disney Channel is spreading the MBV episodes out like this, it doesn’t really make any sense. On cable nets that run a show’s seasons episodes regularly (weekly) usually they only split episodes up once, maybe twice (especially if major U.S. holiday). For example:
August 3 - no new episodes
August 10 - new episode
August 17 - new episode
August 24 - new episode
August 31 - maybe new, maybe not
I want season 2 to last as long as it can too (versus season 1 airing everyday), but too many gaps in episodes could be problematic. I wonder why Disney seems to want to pick at this show. It gave them ratings last season, why would they risk messing that up this season?
Also, I have short episode summaries for “Fanged and Furious/Evil Car” and “Flushed”: 
  • “Fanged and Furious” (July 20th)

Ethan buys an old car that is possessed by a vampire who causes the vehicle to attack their classmates. Now it’s up to the gang to stop the car before it’s too late. 

  • “Flushed” (July 26th)
Two alligators and their evil mutant spawn terrorize the town. 

Aside from the fact a lot of fans already know how “Fanged and Furious” might play out; I know a lot of people were thinking/hoping “Flushed” was the return of Evil Benny, but more or less, the episode sounds interesting… alligators, really?!